Hamilton College Graduation: Tips for Booking Your Stay

Places to stay for Hamilton College Graduation

It’s that time of year again: friends and family are headed to Hamilton College Graduation Weekend. Commencement starts on Friday, May 23rd, with events continuing until Sunday. Click the link for the full Hamilton College Commencement Schedule. Every year, we get plenty of calls inquiring about our rooms and rates, and each year we have to turn away more than a handful of parents. It’s great to be busy, but we wish we had more room!

Top 5 Tips for Finding A Place To Stay During Hamilton College Graduation

1. Book Early

If you are a parent of a student coming to attend Hamilton College Graduation Weekend, we recommend you book your rooms far in advance. Many of our guests reserve their room over one year in advance. It seems like a stretch, but with all the beautiful country space in Central New York comes a lack of large scale hotels and motels. And there’s nothing worse than cramped rooms and out-of-town stays.

2. What’s In A Breakfast?

Start your day off right. There’s a reason they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and given the blur that is Hamilton College Graduation, you should start yours off right with a fantastic meal. Many hotels offer limited options. Some offer none at all. Others, like our own breakfast, are prepared fresh with more robust options. Our recommendation? Call ahead and ask what options are available. And if you have special needs, like allergy restrictions or gluten free options, ask about those too!

3. Distance from Hamilton College Graduation

How far do you want to travel to get to campus? Remember, close isn’t always best, if it means overcrowding or a bad night’s sleep. Still, most parents will want to be close to campus for Hamilton College’s Graduation and Commencement events. The Landmark Tavern is located only 15 miles from campus; if you’re looking for a quiet, unique stay, a location like ours is a good bet. There a several more options both further and closer to campus to explore as well.

4. A Memorable Experience

Hamilton College Graduation Weekend is always a fantastic time for parents and students alike. Between commencement speakers, goodbyes, and walks across the stage, there is plenty to see and do. Wherever you decide to stay should add to the memory of the experience. That’s why so many parents book at The Landmark Tavern and other local Bed & Breakfasts. With plenty of history, and some of the best local dining around, it’s always a popular location.

5. Research and Reviews

Before you book anything, make sure to check out the reviews online. Inns, Taverns, B&Bs, and Motels will likely all have their own review pages on their sites. But you can also check out popular review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and CitySearch. Plus, you can always the college for recommendations, or make your soon-to-be college graduate do some research for you. Just make sure they don’t try to book you a stay in the frat house next door!

Whether you choose to stay at The Landmark Tavern, or elsewhere, we encourage you to do your research first. Remember to book in advance, and if you plan on coming back, check out other places to stay in the area. Good luck to all the graduates this year, and thank you to the parents too!